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>> oh, big picture there. >> not going to season my salad with them even though they smell like cilantro. >> never heard that one. a lot of us 50s. hope you open the windows overnight tonight and a cool start to the day. 54 reston and laytonsville. 59 andrews. brandywine 58. manassas, manassas park 56. temperatures in western maryland 40s over the eastern shore. the warm spot is cambridge with 64. i want to show you the satellite and radar picture. nothing to note because a lot of sunshine here today and temperatures in the 70s, near 80 degrees but cooler than it was yesterday not the 80s but upper 70s. we will have a look at the forecast in 15. wish i could say it was a problem free friday. this is live shot at the silver spring area. you are looking at university
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heading eastbound. the lanes going east at closed at dennis avenue because of an accident involving a driver running in to a pole and now some wires are on the ground making for a dangerous situation. there's a way to get an it. use randolph road as the alternate. take it to route 4, route 5, 30 or the outer loop. i will take that too. looks like everyone is moving at speed. the live shot at university. a smooth commute between 95 and 270. on 95 moving well between the beltway and shirlington and also to the 14th street bridge. and before that 95 no complaints from lorton up to the mixing bowl. back to you. >> thank you. terry jones called it off. the pastor has agreed not to burn copies of the koran tomorrow oneginsville, florida on the anniversary of 9/11 but there is concerns that he will change his mind. lindsey mastis live from the satellite center. why so much confusion? >> terry jones said the reason the whole thing started is
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because of plans to build a mosque near the site of ground zero in new york city. he says the whole reason he's calling off his plans to burn copies of the koran is because he was promised that the site of that mosque would be moved. but we are learning now that was never the case. terry jones stood next to the iman and said this. >> the iman has agreed to move the mosque. >> reporter: he didn't say anything to the contrary. he was taken aside by a cbs reporter to clarify. >> you have no promise from him as of yet. >> no. i don't have a promise from the iman. i did not speak to the iman directly. >> reporter: shortly after that the iman in new york released this statement. -- terry jones returned to the microphone. >> i was lied to. >> reporter: jones says he was promised a meeting with that iman in new york.
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there is no word on whether the meeting -- there is no confirmation the meeting will happen and that's why people are concerned that terry joans will change his mind and resume the book burning. reporting live in the satellite center, lindsey mastis, 9 news now. members of a baptist church says if the pastor backs off of his promise to burn the koran they will do it. they are known for protesting at the funerals of fallen american soldiers saying war is god's punishment for america's acceptance of homosexuality. this morning, philadelphia police have arrested a woman for opening fire at a krafts food plant last night. two people died and a third is in critical condition. police don't know whether the victims were target but said the woman had just been suspended from her job and escorted out of the building before returning with a handgun. one person is dead after a firestorm rolled through a
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california neighborhood. two dozen people are hospitalized with injuries. the explosion and fire destroyed 50 homes and damaged 120. crews have been fighting the flames all night long and won't be able to finish their search for victims until later today. the utility company says one of its gasolines ruptured near the blast. >> it just would not stop. so we knew it was a gas main because it kept going, literally 100 feet flames. >> reporter: the explosion took out the area's water system forcing firefighters to pump wait for more than two miles away. more than 100 people are staying at evacuation centers. now to the wildfire near boulder, colorado. the flames have already devoured 170 homes and right now it shows no sign of letting up. one big problem, the winds. it's gusting up to 60 miles an hour, threatening to drive the fire from the foothills of boulder straight to the heart of the city. firefighters have contained
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only 30% of the blaze. five after the hour. time for another "living $mart" report this morning. jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street. hopefully the week will end on a positive note. >> wouldn't that be nice. the other thing that is nice, positive news on the job market and that's been helping wall street. the government reports first time claims for unemployment benefits fell to the lowest level in two months that extended the summerallly and most asian markets gained round. the dow is standing at 10815 adding 28 points yesterday. the nasdaq up by seven and the s&p up by five. captiol hill employees owed over $9 million in back taxes at the end of last year. the "washington post" reports that that debt for hill employees grew at a faster pace than the rest of the governor but it is a sliver of $1 billion owed by workers nationwide. it could be a political issue in the upcoming midterm elections. you may be paying more for
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cotton jeans and t-shirts. cotton prices doubled to a 15 year high. blame a drought in china and devastating floods in pakistan for squeezing supplies. retailers such as gap and jcpenney will most likely pass on the higher prices to consumers. turnly because we all love our jeans. >> and you were telling us about coffee prices going up. >> and that hurts the consumer. >> makes your saving tip important. what do you have coming up? >> we are going to the mortgage broker and saving you if not hundreds, thousands of dollars when you sign on the bomb line. >> stick around for that. at dulles airport, u.s. customs agents say a traveler arriving from ghana tried to bring in 14 giant african land scales. the slimy creatures are the a size of a child's fist. they are leaved to be one of the worst invasive species
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because they can severely damage crops. an we donnell need them. and the snails are illegal in the united states and they were destroyed. if you want to read more about the snails found at dulles international, log on to click on the where you live button and select sterling. the u.s. military nearly launched fighter jett and discussed a possible shootdown over the district last night when an errant navy drone veered in to restrictive air space by the capitol. admiral says the mishap dowd hamper the push to have the federal aviation administration ease procedures for drone use by the million in domestic skies. dc police have charged a driver with dui after a car struck two women and then an adams morgan restaurant. police say adams hit the victims who were stand hogen a median on wednesday night and
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then plowed in to the restaurant. one woman is in critical condition. the other suffered serious injuries. the restaurant had closed for the night before the crash. an american held in iran for more than a year could be released tomorrow. that story is coming up. and as the u.s. debates burning the koran, the holiest month in the -- calendar ends today. redskins fans prepare for the biggest game against their biggest
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hundreds are stranded waiting for help after the latest flash flooding in india. parts of northern and western india have been subjected to the severe flooding that forced neighbors from their homes in
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pakistan. officials in iran say they will release one of three americans who were hiking in iraq in july of 2009 when the iranian government claims they crossed in to the country and were arrested on spying charges. officials did not release any information on the other two hikers. in indonesia, muslims gather at the largest mosque in southeast asia this morning to sell brought. the event marks the holy month of ramadan where they fast sun up to sun down. a doctor who performed late- term abortions in maryland is in trouble. that story is coming up. plus, scientists try to learn more about a fault line that suddenly made its presence known in new zealand this week. we all know about fault lines here in washington. we are looking at temperatures 64 officially here in dc. 50 in the specials where you are.
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scientists say last weekend's earthquake happened along an unknown fall line. the tremor left a crack that is visibility at the surface for several miles. at points, people can look down a half mile in to that crevice.
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experts say the fall was a surprise because there is no evidence of movement for some thousands of years. >> well, at least 16,000 years because that's how old the geological formations are for which we can see there was no prior movement. at least 16,000 years and who knows how much longer. as you said, devon, we certainly know about fault lines. we learned about that earlier this year. >> ours weren't really hidden. you have slight movement here and there. never see something like a seven here in washington, d.c. it would have crazy an wild for that to come here. weather wise, a beautiful end to the week. as we head to the weekend, looks just the same. there is a chance of rain. let's see on the next three days. i think overnight saturday through sunday.
5:15 am
looking good. temperatures a little warmer than today. 77 for a high. near 80 tomorrow an then i think we will hit 80 on send. cloud cover leading to afternoon sunshine. i will have more on that forecast in a second. let's go to the bus stop forecast. the first school week here for northern virginia cool start for the day. moms, make sure we have a jacket here. 58 to 59 for the coolest spots and make sure we have sleeves by the afternoon. from the 50s and 60s to the 70s this afternoon. the rest of us this morning, from the 60s rising quickly in to the lower 70s by 10:00 or 11:00, we will stay there from 70 to 74, 75. warmest spots may make it 77, 78. not the 81 we hit yesterday but comfortable dry air in place. overnight in the 50s for everybody. 52 to 58. then as we head to the weekend,
5:16 am
temperatures are one or two degrees warmer. similar day yesterday. you can kind of call thursday and saturday the same. cool start. near start to that. that will lead to plenty of sunshine later on today. 54, 84 rather -- 64 at washington. 55 little warmer as we head to the bay and the atlantic as we keep in the 50s and more 60s at the eastern shore. sunshine today. 9 future cast shows that one or two clouds. saturday will be clouds building in late in the afternoon. after noon, you will see more overcast skies late in the day, overnight. then we will build in rain. this is shower activity. no thunderstorms or heavy rein. sunday morning, 7:00, we have rain in the region but we move it off by sunday afternoon. so if you have got redskins plans sunday night, everything looks free an clear. we should see some sunshine coming in late in the day.
5:17 am
temperatures again, from the beltway to just outside, the upper 70s to nearly 80 degrees. i don't think is what it is. 80 tomorrow. and overnight rain on saturday in to early on sunday morning. temperatures next week a little warm. lower 80s on monday an tuesday and dropping back with a front coming through in the upper 70s by the middle of next week. >> happy friday, everybody. eastbound university the right lane is being blocked because of a pole down. drivers are able to get by to the left. move to the maps and show you 95 and the bw parkway, clean and green on both roads. 270 southbound, you are okay too from 121 to the split.
5:18 am
hey, virginia, 66 eastbound, everything is all clear past monday numb drive making your way to inside the beltway. and 495 in virginia. happy to or all of the inner loop construction between route 7 and the dulles toll road has cleared out of the way as well as at the route 50 exit. andrea, over to you. in the living well headlines, maryland officials have ordered a doctor from new jersey to stop practicing medicine in the state. authorities say three women sought abortions from dr. brigham when each was more than four months pregnant. the doctor started the procedure in his office and finished them a day later in maryland which allows second trimester abortions. he has had his license revoked or suspended in self other states two colleagues in more have also had their licenses pulled. federal appeals panel has given stem cell research a green light to receive federal
5:19 am
funding for now. the obama administration a asked the judges to overturn a lower court's order that blocked federal funding. they say the purpose of issuing the stay is to give judges the time to consider the merits of the justice department motion. the first game if of the nfl regular season is in the books and portis appears reenergized heading to the weekend opener against the cowboys. let's see who's celebrating a birthday -- you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand.
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welcome back to 9 news now. the nfl season started with a rematch of the nfc championship game through the super dome in new orleans where the saints got on the board early. drew brees has a touch down pass an then favre answered with a pass toe the vikings. one score in the sex half. thomas with a one yard touchdown run and the reigning champs hold on to win 18-9. here's brett haber with the rest of the morning sports.
5:23 am
good morning, everyone. mike shanahan hasn't called a single play for the redskins yet but acomplexed something the previous regime couldn't manage he put the fire in portis belly he seems uninspired last year, he didn't want to practice, his weight was up and was appearing to be on the down slope of his career. under shanahan, portis is fit again and he has more pro bowl years ahead of them. >> i think i know what i'm capable of doing. so i have to go out and find a way to lead this team and see i am still here. although you all want me to go be forgotten about. i'm still here. >> yes, he is. when you thought that dan snyder was taking a lower profile of this franchising we see this on tv last night. he and jerry jones starring in a papa john's pizza commercial.
5:24 am
maybe the best advertising dominoes ever had. nascar comes to richmond this week and as race fans will tell you this is more than race 28 on the schedule but the last race before the chase for the cup begins which means if you are not in the top 12 for.s by sunday the season is over for all intents an purposes. clint boyer on the bubble is in 12th position. top 12 get in. murray and martin are within 150 points of boyer trying to knock him off. so if you are boyer do you drive safe and protect the lead or go hard and risk a mistake. >> a lot of pressure. anyone can buckle under that pressure. you have to go out and have as much fun with it as you can and make sure you keep it upbeat and have fun with it no matter what. >> reporter: speaking of richmond, the wizards announced they will no longer hold training camp they will be across the river in fairfax,
5:25 am
virginia. they will open camp at the patriots center with a college- style midnight madness celebration on september 28th. doors open on monday the 27th. that's a look at sports. i'm brett haber. as president obama goes on the offensive try to sell his economic measures, there's more trouble for two of the nation's biggest mortgage lenders. that story is coming up in our next "living $mart" segment. and now there's confusion over whether the florida pastor is changing his plan to burn can copies of the koran tomorrow. it is 5:25. angie has the traffic report. toll road traffic is moving at speed from the greenway to 495, we are more road conditions an the tgif forecast with devon when 9 news now returns. stay with us. ♪ the world outside just melts away ♪ ♪ relax, unwind, wrap up the day. ♪ ♪ where i spend the night and start the day. ♪
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a lot of that sound
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yesterday. some washington redskins staffers are helping to rev up the rest of us with the big game against dallas. they fanned out on streets and train stations saying honk if you love the redskin and honk if you hate the dallas cowboys. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. angie will have the traffic in just a moment. devon lucie is here. you have a beautiful forecast in only down side is this time of the year if you are dry, 75, 80 degrees that means ragweed is -- >> i have one eye feeling it. >> i had a weather forecast and i was trying to get through it. get relief to the ragweed. it will come with showers as we go saturday in to sunday. a couple of days to golf. some a 0s this morning. outside of washington, cool spots toward cumberland. oakland 40 degrees. back to the bay eastern shore,
5:30 am
the water is keeping cooler. 68 by 9:00. i don't think we 80. but the ragweed is a little high. i will talk about the weekend rain in a few minutes. rise and shine across the viewing area. things look in good shape. zoom in and show you a live shot of the situation in silver spring. an accident involving a pole and wires down. looks under control but eastbound university at dennis avenue you are losing a right lane. stay left if you are heading that way. on the outer loop things are filling out between university over to georgia but no incidents along the way. hey, northeast dc, inbound new york avenue, drivers are stopped at a light near bladensburg road. moving well from the washington times building and 395 northbound is how we will wrap
5:31 am
it up. below speed from duke to seminary. now, over to andrea. pastor terry jones says he is planning to meet with the iman in new york about plans to build a mosque near ground zero. he called off plans to burn copies of the consider ran on 9/11 but the announcement is causing confusion. lendcy mastis joining us with the latest. >> everyone is wondering whether terry jones will resume his plans to burn copies of the koran. it is because of what maybe a misunderstanding between him and an i man in florida. >> they stood together as terry jones made his announcement an then he said this. >> the iman has agreed to move the mosque. >> later he clarified and says jones stretched his words. >> no. i don't have a promise. i did not speak to the mom directly. >> jones says he was promised
5:32 am
with the iman in new york and that has not been confirmed. >> i was lied to. >> jones did receive a call from secretary of defense robert gates. u.s. leaders are concerned if jones resumes the plan and there are images of burning the koran it maybe used as a recruiting tool for terrorist organizations. back to you. today lawyers for the man accused of killing chandra levy will try to get evidence thrown out. they claim the warn authorizing the search of his jail cell was invalid. an expert in jailhouse snitching could take the stand in the murder trial. he may testify that cooperating witnesses often fabricate testimony. prosecutors plan to call his physical fellow inmates to testify against him he pleaded not guilty to fist degree murder and other counts in
5:33 am
levy's death. prosecutors trying the accused shooter at frostburg state university have been dealt a employee. yesterday the judge barred two crucial pieces of evidence against tyrone hall. one, a photo of hall with a shotgun he allegedly used an the sec a statement from his neighbor that he heard gun fire from hall's place weeks before the incident. the judge ruled both unfairly prejudicial. hall is charged with shooting two players. 20-year-old brandon carroll was killed. ellis hartridge of the district was injured. turning to campaign 2010 in the district, days ahead of tuesday's primary, more bad news for mayor fenty. two people have come forward claiming someone within fenty's campaign promised them jobs in exchange for their vote. >> one or two people who said they have been offered $100 for their vote. what we did immediately -- what
5:34 am
she did immediately is contact the board of elections a and specifically the general counsel and ask it to be investigated. >> this is an old political trick we don't have a strong record to run on you run away with allegations that are baseless. my opponent has -- is pretty much perfected it in this election but i don't think the citizens will let him get away with it. >> reporter: this is not the first such controversy for fenty. last weekend the "washington post" reported a fenty supporter who said he was paid $100 to vote. metro is pulling 99 biases from service after a fire broke out on a bus yesterday. a 10-year-old diesel powered bus caught on fire. no passengers were on board at the time but metro believes the hydraulic pumps could be faulty and wants to inspect them. it could increase bus wait times today by a few minutes. time for another "living
5:35 am
$mart" report. jessica doyle is back with the latest from the white house's plans to prop up the economy. >> that's right. later today the president will hold a nationally televised news conference at 11:00 and his statements will cap a week in which the white house rolled out new spending and tax cut proposals aimed at helping the economy. they will pump $50 billion in to transportation projects. they would extend a tax credit for research and development and let businesses accelerate tax write offs in investments in new plants and equipment. will taxpayers have to bail out fannie mae and freddie mac again or will the government give up on the mortgage giants all together? those are the options after they lost as much as $226 billion since 2007. the house financial services committee scheduled a pair of hearings this month on the future of u.s. housing finance. it is time for today's money saver. with mortgage rates near record lows you may be thinking of buying a home or refinancing your loan, but be sure you
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consider the closing costs. fees on title insurance, and home inspections can vary greatly company to company and they get wrapped up in to your overall cost. so shopping around can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. for more money saving tips check out my blog the, follow me on twitter and i heed love to be your friend on facebook. a lot of regulations have pushed up the closing costs so consider the rate and the points. >> good advice. we see the interest rates are going up a little bit. >> a little bit. >> but still very low. >> incredibly low. >> got it. hundreds of college students find a unique way to express their displeasure with conditions in their classrooms. that story is coming up. plus, firefighters search the charred remains of a california neighborhood after an explosion and firestorm. here's angie. traffic alert for you. we have fire activity on
5:37 am
anacostia avenue. when we return, the top stories of the morning. stay with us. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help.
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we are live from fox hall and canal. light traffic this friday. a look at road conditions. one person is dead after a mass explosion and fire in california. it will take firefighters most of the day to complete the search for more victims. more than a 50 homes have been destroyed. another 120 damaged. right now the focus on the investigation is on a ruptured gas line. with the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks tomorrow, 12 communities are receiving pieces of steal from the world
5:40 am
trade center. some university students in buenos aires are staging an unusual strike. they have moved their classes in to the parking lots a streets an the university claiming the conditions outside are better than those inside of crowded buildings. a quicker end to the don't ask don't tell policy. that story is coming up. our weather conditions are piling on extra work for local firefighters. here's devon with an upat this time on the forecast. >> a little cool op the terrace in northwest dc this morning. temperatures will be cooler this afternoon. also talk about weekend rain in the forecast when we come back.
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5:44 am
contain brushfires like this one in prince georges county. as alex trevino reports, such common causes for fires is carelessness. >> the cause of the fire that we see the most, when it comes to outside brushfires is that of human carelessness. >> people often unintentionally set wildfires. for instance, a careless smoker, flicking ash from his car and dry grass. >> this particular area here, which is in a gull any off of university boulevard is dry enough where it came in contact with an ignition source could spread rapidly. >> these dry conditions and depleted vegetation are a vulnerable combination. prince georges county fire department spokesperson mark brady says has been proven to be effective for fires. >> with the in addition of wind and mild temperatures it is a recipe for disasters when it comes to the rapid spread of
5:45 am
brushfires. >> reporter: he says people either burn trees or unintentionally start fires. >> the grass has not been cut as often as it should be. the grass is growing higher and higher and with the wind, the temperatures, lower humidity, it is getting very dry. >> bottom line, unattended land along roadways poses a fire hazard. in prince georges county, alex trevino, 9 news now. >> the prince georges county fire department says you can face stiff fines and possibly jail time if you are caught setting a fire. the dry conditions con in our area. the weather forecast is beautiful but there is that caveat. >> we are running a deficit of six inches of rain at reagan international airport. six inches of where we should be, that is 30% below where we should be a very dry summer and continues here in the fall. may have a better outlook in
5:46 am
the wintertime forecast but then everyone is saying uh-oh. is it going to be like last winter, i don't think so. of course we revealed everything yesterday what we expect with the farmer's almanac. are you going to be correct? we hope not. what's going on right now? temperatures yesterday hit 81. temperatures are dry and mild. should be in a transitional time of the year. this is the wrinkle in the forecast. we get rain overnight. possibly in to midday. maybe a little sunday morning and sunday midday. the worst case scenario, rain through midday on sunday but sunday afternoon, sunday night looks great. to the bus stop forecast. mid-60s, so a little jack, sleeves, maybe an overcoat or a
5:47 am
pullover this morning. but shorts and t-shirts by later this march. i don't want to bring in winter too fast here. i think maybe the warmest spot is 77 this afternoon. overnight tonight, the start off the weekend in the lower to upper 50s. upper 70s by tomorrow even afternoon to 80 degrees. satellite picture. nothing goen on. one or two clouds here and there. 64 the official washington temperature but many of us 50s this morning. right to the 9 future cast and i will show youthen in store for us today. we have a little northwest breeze, not as strong as yesterday. cloud cover. you start to see it on saturday late in the day but where's the rain coming in to the picture. it shows i mainly overnight through the morning hours on
5:48 am
sunday and then clearing out sunday afternoon. the latest indications says we could have showers lingering midday. by afternoon, if you got weekend plans on sunday afternoon, don't cancel them. they are looking fine. sunday evening the go to the ball game and everything looks perfect. one or two degrees cooler from yesterday's high. not high of 81 but maybe 77. the forecast shows 79 on saturday. 80 if we get more sunshine on sunday afternoon through more of the day but if we have more clouds i will have to bump it down to mid-70s. overnight morning showers on sunday but things looking good by sunday afternoon. >> overall, folks, a couple of tieups. first take it out live to silver spring and show you university heading eastbound at dennis avenue. some police out this way who responded to this earlier accident. now only taking away the right lane of traffic. drivers keeping to the left to get by.
5:49 am
use caution if you are heading this way. next if you you take it to northeast dc and zoom in. anacostia avenue where it meets benning road fear activity is going on here. you want to avoid the area. checking on 95 northbound. good morning, virginia. volume is picking up already between the prince william parkway and 123. finally take a look at a new tieup in the woodbridge area. it is on the prince william parkway where it meets ridge field road and we have police activity. so use caution. back to you. >> thank you, angie. a federal judge in california says the will issue an injunction halting the don't ask don't tell policy for gays in the this military. the log cabin republicans filed a suit saying the ban on openly gay service members is unconstitutional. the obama administration has taken some steps toward eventually repealing the policy. the mayor of hazelton,
5:50 am
pennsylvania says he will appeal to the supreme court to uphold his city's immigration law. the illegal immigration relief act would make it illegal for landlords or employers to renn to or hire illegal immigrants. on thursday the second appeals core declared it unconstitutional. now focus on decision 2010 in maryland. early voting ended ahead of the primary elections last night. there's a record number of candidates and it created quite a scene at early voting locations, which are also new this year. campaigning is intense, to say the at least, and it's giving candidates a chance to focus on voters like never before. many believe the contest for prince georges county executives is the race to watch. >> one of the striking problems we have had is not the investigation but the ability to bring the council, the delegation in annapolis together to get things done. >> the citizens of the county i'm known as a publicker is
5:51 am
van. we stepped outside of the box of not just being a law man. >> voters say they are having a hard time keeping up. we will look at a few new movies coming up in entertainment news. plus, a local bug expert says this could be the year we are all fighting to keep stink bugs out 0 your home. in the examiner, the only woman on death row in virginia is scheduled to be executed later this month. alexandria public schools may trade away some. read these story and more in the examiner. it is 5:51. we'll be right back. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before. this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior.
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body rested. stress gone. mind sharp. because unisom gave you deep restful sleep all night. morning early birds. unisom. good night. good morning. oh my goff. look at what's in theaters this weekend. not a lot to choose from. in resident evil after life the world is suffering from a virus infection where victims turn in to the undead. alice, played by mila. whether or not this one is to be taken seriously is a
5:55 am
mystery. i'm still here chronicles a transition from actor to aspiring rapper. we are scratching our heads with this one on the local circuit, landmark e street cinema is showing get low, an independent film about a 1930s hermit who threw his own funeral party when he was still alive. larger than life bugs are the buzz at national harbor. circumstance due sew lay's new show hobo is hosting a lot of talent under one tent. we caught up with the first locals to see it. what did you like the most? >> the costumes and the music. it was amazing. >> i thought it worked. the sounds were realistic. >> it runs from now to october 24th. the next report is submitted by smith.
5:56 am
a dc celebrity chef opens up about losing 100-pounds and mao it is inspiring a local eatery. oprah's local chef says he is training for the marine corps marathon last month. he said he lost 95-pounds the natural way in the last year and is changing the menu at his restaurant. everything will look just as tasty, don't worry but the chef says simple whole foods is his new health mantra. a reminder to join the march of times for the official kickoff of the 2010 chef auction. to get geared up for the big even, the kick off will celebrate with a fashion show and cocktails on saturday 3:00 to 6:00 at sax at tysons gal rhee. it will benefit local family and their babies through the march of times. you can state your events to share on the air, as well. log on to oh my goff phone tv and sen in pictures and videos
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tone and i'm taking the story ideas on facebook and townshipper too. >> i want to tell you to brace yourself for another invasion of bugs. homes are being overrun with these guys. they are the stink bugs. you have seen them and they are almost indestructible and there are no pesticides on the market to get rid of them but our howard bernstein talked to an expert about how to keep them out. >> university of maryland entomologist mike ralph has opinion playing with bugs over three decade an the stink bug is one of the moos impressive he's ever seen. >> they feed on virtually everything. they are this boy bean, corn fields, vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, trees and shrubs in the landscape and can eat virtually anything. here in america, it is a great land. they left their enemies behind and they can reproduced unchecked. >> that makes them a growing menace. >> there's a storm brewing
5:58 am
right now, howard. these guys are peeking in my window and thinking of winter coming. i think when we get the first cold snap and first frost they are coming from the outside to the inside and it's going to be biblical. we will see more of these things than ever before. >> reporter: would you define biblical please. >> like the seventh plague, howard. i think there will be bugs every where, like people haven't seen. i don't mean to scare people, but people need to get ready now. they need to repair that house to keep these guys out. >> reporter: to keep the stink bugs from going outside to inside you have to seal every crack. caulk will be great, as well. how about weather seal. this stuff around the windows and doors will also work. screens, take this, you have a gable vent or something stick this on the inside and it will stop the bugs from getting in the house and don't forget door sweeps they also make great defensive blockers. stink bugs are attacking crops an annoying homeowners but mike has a fun lt for these cilantro
5:59 am
like smelling creatures. >> they are a cool receive crease, they aggregate, feed on virtually everything. they get in people's houses. this is the perfect bug. in the perfect bug. >> in college park, i'm howard bernstein, 9 news now. >> it is 6 a.m. thank you for watching i'm andrea roane. >> throw ragweed in the mix. we finally got great temperature answer then you have to put up with this stuff. hopefully we will have some rain moving in this weekend. that means ragweed levels should go down. as we look at this forecast for temperatures riding from the mid to upper 50s. 57 rockville. 55 gaithersburg. 59 andrews. 58 crofton. annapolis here at 60 an we will be rising temperatures in the 80s. and we will be in the 70s

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